About Us

About Us

Tolaram Ji Sharma

Tolaram Ji (1920 - 1999) was a master mind of Machinery who founded Tolaram Group in 1950. He had been honoured with the title “Jugad Ka Master” in “Itwari Partika”.

Tolaram Ji took Tolaram Group from one Factory to Five Factories and created a revolution in Heavy Machinery Industries during 1970 by indigenously building a “Continuous Casting and Rolling Mill” machinery, which has capacity to produce 40 Ton Aluminium wire per day which has also been challenged by “London Head Office of INCAB”.

Tolaram Ji was a great believer of simple life with great thoughts. His well-wishers use to know him as “Karam Yogi”. He always had trust in “Continuous Learning” with a believe of “Work is Worship”. As per him “We have great Engineers in our Country but lack hard workers because a good engineer is the one who work by his own hands rather only giving instruction to others”. He was having strong faith in “Providing right thing at right time with right price”.

Due to all his great thoughts and intelligent mind today group has well-known name in Heavy Machinery Industry with group firms named as “Indian Iron Man”, “Indian Engineering Works”, Mechanical & Electrical Centre” & “Rajasthan Heat Treatment”. And with a same vision of “Providing right thing at right time with right price” group has decided to continues journey further with next generation and with our valued customers with group firms names as “Yug Electronics”, “Yug Elevator”, “Yug Automation & Security” and “Height Stones”